Sep 1,2014 2622
“I love you like kanye loves kanye”
— my wedding vows at my wedding (via bl-ushed)
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Sep 1,2014 801


If you ever feel bad about yourself just remember Aria didn’t notice that her best friends hand (that she was holding tight -apparently-) got replaced with a statue.

Sep 1,2014 1964


Aria is always so fucking shady, and tonight’s episode was no exception.

First off, what the hell did Aria whisper to Mona during the movie that scared/upset Mona so much that she ran away to cry in the washroom?


What makes it even more strange and shady is that the scene playing on the…

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sitting in the car, thinking there is so many ways i could make myself go right now… truth is, im weak.

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My dog is adorable. He is Bey’s unofficial #1 fan.

Aug 24,2014 11596